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Why Opt For Tankless Water Heaters? How To Get One Installed

When it comes to improving your home or purchasing a new home, it is important to think of the appliances that you will be buying as well as feeling like you have tons of wise decisions to make. One of the practical decisions that you will be making is the type of...

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Water Heaters

Water heaters are one of many modern conveniences that we take for granted daily, it’s truly one of those items that you don’t realize what you’ve got til’ it’s gone! Do you know if your water heater is an electric or gas unit? Do you know how many gallons...

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Gate valves vs. Ball Valves

Most people are unaware of the type of shut off valves in their home but even though the difference between the two can be easy to identify, the performance of the two can be vastly different. Almost all residential shut off valves can be classified into two...

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What Makes a Toilet a Toilet?

The reason we recommend toilets such as American Standard or Kohler is because they set their standard well above the minimum. The minimum standard mandated by UNAR—Uniform North American Requirements is that the toilet must pass 350 grams of miso paste in...

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