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Is Breathing Sewer or Methane Gas Harmful & Toxic?

If you’ve ever experienced a sewer leak in your home, you certainly know how challenging the entire ordeal can be. Not only do you need to repair the clogged pipes and drains, but you also encounter very unpleasant odors that spread from the sewer. But is sewer gas...

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Gate valves vs. Ball Valves

Most people are unaware of the type of shut off valves in their home but even though the difference between the two can be easy to identify, the performance of the two can be vastly different. Almost all residential shut off valves can be classified into two...

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What Makes a Toilet a Toilet?

The reason we recommend toilets such as American Standard or Kohler is because they set their standard well above the minimum. The minimum standard mandated by UNAR—Uniform North American Requirements is that the toilet must pass 350 grams of miso paste in...

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