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Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair Caroline County, Virginia

Garbage disposals are a vital part of many family homes. When they stop working correctly, the effects can disrupt the kitchen.

If you want to secure yourself against a possible garbage disposal malfunction or breakdown, or if you’re in need of a brand-new garbage disposal unit, Junior’s Plumbing in Caroline County, Virginia, is here for you! We’ll make your old garbage disposal shine, or even install a shiny new one!

Why Install a Garbage Disposal?

Garbage disposal units are very common in homes. They’re a great solution to the food scrap problem, but they’re much more than that. If you’re reluctant to install or repair a garbage disposal unit, here’s why they’re so beneficial.

A garbage disposal unit can save you a lot of time and significantly cut down on the amount of trash that your household produces. Food scraps, coffee grounds, and other waste are finely ground up and disposed of in a matter of seconds.

The second biggest appeal of garbage disposal units is the environmental aspect. By using a garbage disposal unit, you’re effectively contributing to the environment. You don’t need any plastic bags to bag your ground up waste, so you’re cutting the stress on landfills and greenhouse emissions too. The compost that is leftover from your grounds is used as fertilizer by wastewater treatment plants.

Junior’s Plumbing Garbage Disposal Installation

Many homes come with a built-in garbage disposal unit, yet not all of them. If you’re looking to install one, it’s important to contact a professional.

If you’re looking to rid yourself of those pesky food scraps in an eco-friendly and cost-effective way, contacting Junior’s Plumbing in Caroline County, Virginia, is the best way to go.

Our years of experience will help you pick out the best garbage disposal unit for you, and our team of professionals is sure to make quick work of it. Not only are you going to get the best unit the market has to offer, but you’re also going to get it professionally installed – in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

Garbage Disposal Repair in Caroline County, Virginia

If you’re currently suffering from a faulty garbage disposal unit, there is no need to get rid of it. Junior’s Plumbing is a professional plumbing company in Caroline County that can help you repair it in no time.

Some of the common signs that your garbage disposal unit is faulty and needs repairs are:

Noise Issues

All garbage disposal units emit a standard sound, but if they’re emitting unusual or worrying noise, that might be the first sign of an issue. There are a lot of moving parts involved in a garbage disposal unit. If nothing is blocking the drain, you should consult a professional such as Junior’s Plumbing.

Unpleasant Odor

A functional garbage disposal unit is one that doesn’t smell. If your garbage disposal unit is emitting foul odors, you might have an issue with it. It can indicate a variety of different issues, that if not handled in due time, might lead to more problems. You’re best off contacting an expert to solve the issue.

Leaky System

A split system is a definite show of a faulty garbage disposal unit. Loose screws and cracks can all cause much more significant issues. You should contact a professional to solve the problem ASAP, or it might get out of hand.

When to Repair or Replace Your Garbage Disposal

When your garbage disposal unit is not performing, you can either replace or repair it.

Repairing the garbage disposal unit can sometimes be more expensive than just replacing the whole thing. However, that isn’t always the case. A professional can assess if it’s more cost-efficient to repair or replace your system.

At Junior’s Plumbing, we’ll give you our honest opinion and make sure that your garbage disposal is running as intended. We also offer installation services. Whatever your issue may be, our expert team at Junior’s Plumbing is going to solve it quickly and for a reasonable price.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance

Garbage disposal units are generally long-lasting appliances. At times they can last for over a decade without any issues. Of course, if you don’t use the unit correctly and if you don’t maintain it, it’s not going to live that long.

If you want your garbage disposal unit to last, follow these maintenance tips:

Use a Generous Amount of Water

When the unit is running, turn on the water. This will help the unit grind down food scraps. After your unit is done operating, wash it down with some water.

Never Throw Hard Foods into the Unit

This might sound like a no brainer, but you shouldn’t throw hard foods into your garbage disposal unit. They’re not designed for that, and your unit will jam in no time if you do this.

Use Plenty of Dishwashing Detergent

If you own dishwashing detergent for degreasing, you can and should use it when using your garbage disposal unit. This will cut down on grease in the unit, removing most odors and harmful bacteria.

Junior’s Plumbing Is at Your Service

If you need to fix your current garbage disposal unit or install a new one, Junior’s Plumbing is here for you. Our team of expert technicians is sure to make quick work of any garbage disposal unit, along with many other water and plumbing issues. Contact us today to get a free plumbing quote!