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Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair in Locust Grove

With a proper garbage disposal unit in your Locust Grove home, many of your household chores become easier to deal with. You can easily create your compost or get rid of food scraps before you do the dishes, minimizing the chances of your kitchen sink clogging and making a mess.

But what happens when instead of helping you with the chores, your garbage disposal unit becomes a chore itself, causing you problems with clogs, leaks, odors, and more? Instead of trying to fix the problem yourself and risk causing further damage, it’s best to call the professionals.

Junior’s Plumbing offers a wide variety of services in Locust Grove, Virginia, that will ensure that all your plumbing is good as new.

Does Your Home in Locust Grove Need a Garbage Disposal Unit?

Garbage disposal units are a common occurrence in rural homes across the US, but of course, not every household has them.

If you’re on the fence about getting a garbage disposal unit, you should be aware that they come with plenty of benefits and almost no drawbacks.

There are plenty of myths surrounding garbage disposal units, and one that’s true is that these plumbing fixtures can help you manage your food waste. They’re designed to help you reduce the amount of food that ends up rotting in your plastic trash bags and polluting your surroundings.Garbage disposal units are also beneficial to the environment, as many wastewater treatment plants use the ground up food from them as fertilizing compost or as an energy source.

Overall, garbage disposal units in your Locust Grove home can be beneficial both to you and your environment, so while you may not need to have one, it can be a very welcomed addition to your home.

Garbage Disposal Installation in Locust Grove

Installing new garbage disposal units isn’t an easy task, and you should never attempt to do it yourself. You risk damaging your plumbing, causing leaks, and bursting pipes. It’s always essential to call in a professional who can install your garbage disposal unit safely.

Junior’s Plumbing has all the necessary tools and knowledge that will ensure that your garbage disposal unit is installed correctly.

We even offer garbage disposal installations on private septic systems. While there is a common misconception that garbage disposals cannot be installed on the private systems, this is simply not the case. Garbage disposals can be installed on all septic systems, but private ones require extra attention as it’s vital that the food scraps are finely ground down and able to pass through the pipes.

Garbage Disposal Repair

If you already have a garbage disposal unit in your home in Locust Grove, Virginia, but suspect it’s not working correctly, give Junior’s Plumbing a call.

You don’t immediately have to get rid of your existing unit, as many common problems with it can be easily repaired.

It’s just important to do so on time since the longer you wait, the more serious the problem can become. You’ll need to schedule a garbage disposal inspection if you notice some of the following issues:

  • Unusual Noise

Your garbage disposal unit will always make some noise while it’s in use, there’s no going around it. However, if you notice odd clanking, knocking, or similar sounds, you should call in the pros. Strange noises are often the first sign of more significant underlying problems with your garbage disposal unit.

  • Leaks

Leaks are never a good sign. Your garbage disposal unit could be clogged, broken, or you could be dealing with a burst pipe. This can cause flooding in your home that would be very difficult to deal with. Contact us if you notice any leaks around your garbage disposal unit.

  • Bad odor

When the ground up food is passing effortlessly through the pipes of your garbage disposal units, there shouldn’t be any unpleasant odors present. If the food isn’t passing correctly, it will start rotting in the garbage disposal and producing a nasty smell. This is never a good sign, and it’s best to call us in for inspection.

When to Repair and When to Replace Your Garbage Disposal Unit

If your garbage disposal unit is causing problems, it can be confusing deciding whether fixing the problem should suffice, or whether it’s time for a brand new unit.

You can call our experts at Junior’s Plumbing for a consultation. We’ll offer you the best advice on what you should do based on your situation.

Your best solution is often the cheapest one in the long run. If repairing your garbage disposal unit is less expensive than replacing it, your choice is clear. If, however, the repairs are cheap, but you find yourself calling the plumbers much more often than you’d like, perhaps it’s time for a new unit.

Our staff at Junior’s Plumbing will do a thorough inspection of your garbage disposal unit, and let you know what your best option is.

Junior’s Plumbing in Locust Grove, Virginia

Junior’s Plumbing is a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who can help you deal with any issue with your garbage disposal unit. We will expertly install new units, repair your broken ones, or replace the irreparable ones. Give us a call, and let us take all your plumbing worries away.