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Gas Piping

Gas Line Installation and Removal

There is nothing more dangerous than attempting to DIY any type of gas line.  Even something that sounds simple, like swapping your existing gas stove for a newer gas model, we cannot stress the dangers of allowing any unlicensed professional working with gas lines. As fully licensed and insured gas fitters we always recommend calling our professional plumbing staff to provide an inspection of your home and gas lines, and provide you with an affordable and safe option for your gas line needs.  If you have an existing gas appliance or fireplace you would like removed or relocated, or if you just need your gas lines relocated for remodeling purposes, we can have one of our qualified technicians come to your home to discuss your options to remove or abandon and cap off lines.

Gas oven

Can I convert my existing electric stove to gas?

If you have gas service in your house we can tie into the nearest possible existing gas line to convert your stove and oven from an electric range to gas powered.  Many people who use their stove often notice a huge difference in cooking on an electric cook top vs. gas.  If you’re a baker or just handy in the kitchen, call us today for an onsite inspection and talk to one of our professional technicians about your gas conversion project!

Gas Leak Detection and Repairs

Gas leaks can be severe to your health, and to the health of anyone in your home.  If you’ve already been “red tagged” and shut off by the gas company call us immediately to do a full house leak search for active gas leaks at appliances, in exposed gas lines, and unexposed lines behind drywall.  If you are unsure of whether you have an active gas leak and think you may smell gas, evacuate your home first and then call Junior’s to schedule a leak detection service and let us find and repair the leak(s) for you as soon as possible.  Even if you don’t smell gas, but have older gas lines or just want to play it safe and have your lines tested for leaks, we can get you scheduled immediately to have one of our professional technicians provide peace of mind for you and your family.

Fixing gas line

I don’t smell gas so why did the gas company shut off my service?

Gas leaks that are behind the drywall often don’t give off the smell of gas and are typically found first by the gas company while doing routine meter maintenance or inspections.  You may not smell the gas if it’s unexposed, but it is equally dangerous and should be tested and repair immediately.  Additionally, you could have a gas leak in your water heater’s venting system which would only leak gas when you’re using hot water and the burner is lit.  Routine gas leak detection inspections, even if only in the exposed lines and appliances, should be performed by a professional annually.  Please call us today for your gas leak detection appointment!