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Water Quality Testing in Prince William County, Virginia

If you are using municipal water or well water, you need to make sure that the water you are getting is high quality. Quality water means that everyone living in your household will be healthy and that your plumbing will remain in good condition.

Junior’s Plumbing offers comprehensive water quality testing and water treatment services. We can make sure that your water has no harmful chemicals or bacteria that can jeopardize your health.

Water Testing & Treatment With a Certified Plumber

Every home needs to have clean drinking water. It’s an important matter, and you can’t let it into the hands of people who aren’t professionals without proper education and equipment. They simply can’t guarantee you safe water.

However, relying on certified professional plumbers will lead to risk-free drinking water. The professional plumbers at Junior’s Plumbing are reliable partners with years of experience and training. We have all the equipment and practices to test and treat your water right.

Quality Testing Services in Prince William County

Common water quality issues for homeowners are water hardness, iron, and pH levels. If your water has low levels of pH, it might be filled with pollutants. This means it’s unsafe to drink, and it might damage pipes as well. With high pH levels, your water will smell and taste strange.

Excessive iron means that the water is treated too harshly. Excessive iron can lead to harshness, meaning that your water can damage appliances, fixtures, clothing, and lead to kidney stones. At Junior’s Plumbing, we can test your water for these things and more.

Junior’s Plumbing Partners With Leading Labs in Prince William County

We can thoroughly test your water for various elements, minerals, and bacteria. Junior’s Plumbing works with many labs around Virginia, where we can do comprehensive tests to ensure that your water is safe to use.

We can test it for a broad range of bacteria, do metals testing, or focus on finding some element in particular. For common tests, we will give you results in 2 – 4 workdays, and for more specific tests, we might need up to 10 days.

Our Prince William County Water Treatment Solutions

At Junior’s Plumbing, we offer several water treatment options to improve the water quality in your home, business, or office. Here are the three treatment options we specialize in:

Well Shocking

This water treatment option is also called chlorinating, and it includes cleaning water systems using disinfectant chlorine. It’s a very good option for getting rid of unwanted bacteria within your water. We offer two types of well shocking:

  • With bacterial testing:
    Well shocking that includes testing consists of sending a technician to perform well shocking. Additionally, he will also place appropriate disinfecting chemicals within your fixtures and plumbing lines where bacteria are concentrated the most. After a day or two, the technician will come back to flush out all your plumbing systems and rinse off all the chemicals. After this is done, we will gather another water sample and send it out for testing to confirm whether the issue has been dealt with.
  • Without bacterial testing:
    With our well shocking without testing, the process is pretty much the same. However, we will also provide you a complimentary report on water quality at the end and additional suggestions.

Filtration Systems

Junior’s Plumbing recommends everyone to install filtration systems on their water lines. These filters can reduce contaminants and contain various particles that might jeopardize your health. We can suggest and install various filtration systems based on your needs and current issues to help you maintain quality water.

UV Systems

UV systems are installed on the main water lines. Water is flashed with UV light designed to kill off most of the bacteria. After the water has left the system, it’s completely free of any bacteria. It’s the most effective system for removing bacteria.

Contact Junior’s Plumbing for Professional Water Treatment Services

At Junior’s Plumbing, we have the knowledge and equipment to analyze your water and detect dangerous elements, bacteria, and particles. At the same time, we can deliver you with proper water treatment services and install systems that will help you maintain water quality.

If you want safe drinking water, make sure to give us a call!